20 Engaging At-Home Dementia Activities for Personalized Caregiving in Tennessee


In the journey of dementia, providing personalized care that fosters engagement, connection, and comfort is of paramount importance. Families and caregivers in Tennessee are embracing the concept of at-home care, where familiar surroundings and tailored activities can positively impact the lives of their loved ones with dementia. Here, we present 20 thoughtfully curated at-home dementia activities that can truly make a difference:

**1. Memory Scrapbooking:** Create a scrapbook with photos, mementos, and stories from their past, promoting reminiscence and sparking conversations.

**2. Music Therapy:** Listen to their favorite tunes or play calming music to evoke emotions and trigger memories.

**3. Nature Walks:** Take short walks outside to enjoy the beauty of nature, providing sensory stimulation and relaxation.

**4. Puzzle Time:** Engage in simple puzzles or jigsaw puzzles designed to enhance cognitive abilities.

**5. Aromatherapy:** Use soothing scents like lavender or citrus to evoke positive emotions and create a calming atmosphere.

**6. Gardening:** Planting and tending to indoor plants can be a therapeutic activity that connects them with the natural world.

**7. Cooking Together:** Prepare easy recipes together to encourage a sense of accomplishment and connection to familiar routines.

**8. Art Therapy:** Explore painting, drawing, or other creative activities to tap into their artistic expressions.

**9. Storytelling:** Share stories from their life or read aloud, promoting communication and engagement.

**10. Sensory Stations:** Set up sensory stations with textures, scents, and tactile objects to stimulate their senses.

**11. Virtual Tours:** Take virtual tours of museums, historical sites, or travel destinations to spark conversations and curiosity.

**12. Folding Laundry:** Engage in familiar chores like folding laundry, promoting a sense of purpose and routine.

**13. Pet Therapy:** Spend time with pets or stuffed animals to provide comfort and companionship.

**14. Gentle Exercises:** Practice gentle exercises or chair yoga to maintain physical and mental well-being.

**15. Name That Tune:** Play a game where they guess the names of familiar songs, boosting memory recall.

**16. Hand Massage:** Offer a soothing hand massage using scented lotion to provide relaxation and sensory pleasure.

**17. Indoor Picnics:** Have indoor picnics with their favorite snacks to create a joyful dining experience.

**18. Sorting and Organizing:** Engage in sorting activities with household items, enhancing cognitive skills.

**19. Virtual Family Calls:** Connect with distant family members through video calls to maintain social connections.

**20. Movie Nights:** Watch their favorite movies or shows together, providing entertainment and shared experiences.

Remember, every individual’s journey with dementia is unique, so feel free to adapt these activities to suit their preferences and abilities. By embracing personalized caregiving and incorporating these engaging at-home activities, you’re not just providing care – you’re creating moments of joy, connection, and comfort for your loved ones in Tennessee.

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